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Security & Surveillance

Security and surveillance is one of our main fields, with special focus on high end security and thermal imaging technology, representing and cooperating with leading international manufacturers and suppliers, covering a very wide range of products to ensure that we can address all of our client’s needs.  We source high quality and innovative products yet at very competitive price level. Our solutions extends from ground fixed installation technologies, to vehicle systems, maritime equipment, all the way up to airborne surveillance systems.
Our long term experience and thorough in-depth knowledge in this field make us confident that we will always deliver the best solution backed by superior technical support.
Our company’s slogan is “Quality & Innovation”, that’s why we ensure it reflects the range of products we supply. Our solutions extends to cover the following:
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras
    Thermal Imaging is state of the art technology when it come to the security & surveillance field. Unlike conventional CCTV cameras and security systems, thermal cameras has many add-value and unique features, a few to mention:
    • See in total darkness and all-weather conditions
    • See through obscurants such as fog, sand and smoke
    • Further distance coverage
    • Better and more detailed daytime images
    • Reveal details that cannot be seen by other systems.

  • Ultra-low light PTZ Cameras with very high resolution up to 4K, supporting smart features and embedded video analytics such as intrusion detection and auto target tracking.
  • Gyro-Stabilized Gimbals
    • More than 3 different channels per Gimbal, to include a thermal camera, day light visible camera, LRF, and more….
    • 2-axis, 3-axis or 4-axis stabilization options are available.  
    • Different models for air, marine and land applications.
    • Auto-tracking of targets and more…

  • Portable Handheld Thermal Cameras (Binoculars and Monoculars)
  • Riffle Scopes & Thermal Sights
    • Different models with different resolutions, lens options, and shooting ranges.
    • Different models suitable for different sizes of ammunition
    • Can be easily attached/detached to most types of weapons.
  • Vehicle Customized Thermal Systems
    • Can be easily fitted on any type of vehicle
    • Provide longer distance coverage than normal headlights
    • Allow the driver to see in all weather conditions, in total darkness, through fog, dust and more.. Increasing driver safety

  • Thermal Cores
  • Ground Surveillance  and Marine Radars
  • PIDS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems) based on advanced fiber technology.
  • Anti-UAV Drone Systems

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